Reevo XTreme Pro II Thai Pad

High quality leather and amazing shock absorbency are the defining qualities of the Reevo Extreme Pro II pads. These are preferred by the progressive elite Muay Thai trainers that desire a pad that is more mobile, lighter and shock absorbent than their old school Thai pads while retaining a traditional shape and size. The premium soft leather and surface impact layer provides a more comfortable striking surface than other brands. Large padded straps and strong Velcro ensure the pads don't move even under the most powerful of kicks and strikes. Sold in Pairs.

- High quality premium reinforced soft leather that is built to last
- Super light and absorbent padding
- Striking surface has density of human flesh for a more realistic strikes
- Padded straps for comfort and security
- Rubberized Reevo logo on strap
- Heavy re-enforced stitching
- Comfortable to strike and even more comfortable for the trainer
BRAND: Reevo

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$139.99  $98.00
Reevo XTreme Pro II Thai Pad