Ringstar Fightpro

Ringstar's R3 technology features a triple-layer, instep impact; absorption system, with the Fight Sole, which; provides additional traction and toe coverage,&; to create a responsive,&; performance-enhancing sparring foot gear.  This brand-new sparring foot gear is made for indoor sparring use only, and approved for; competition by NASKA, IKF, ISKA and over 60  other sanctioning bodies. Ultra-soft sole composition for grip that is ultra lightweight and flexible. A.A.P. (Advantage Ankle Protector) offers additional inner-ankle protection. Extra padding in toe box, flap and tongue. Velcro SECURE closure system. The first and only PATENTED martial arts shoes designed exclusively for SPARRING. Tested to disperse and absorb impact better than other foot coverings. Full Athletic shoe design insures tight fit on foot which eliminates twisting inherent when kicking with footpads. Superior protection provided by thick, dense and layered Ringstar R3 Closed-Cell foam throughout shoes. Unique Flex Grooves and Pivot Point provide superior flexibility and traction. White soles to protect mats - WILL NOT MARK MATS Approved for use by the I.K.F., I.S.K.A., N.A.S.K.A., W.A.K.O., American Association of Ringside Physicians (AAPRP), and numerous state professional athletic commissions and more.
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Ringstar FightPro Shoe