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Macho Martial Arts research and development team has been a driving force behind the brand we believe in. A product line we can sell. And a customer satisfaction rating that exceeds all expectations. Customers who buy from Macho, continue to buy from Macho. Leading Martial Artists choose Macho.

In its 30 years, Macho reputation for leading an industry, by introducing martial arts products with innovative, patented features that not only propel Macho's product lines as the most sought after on the market, but also elevate industry expectations for gear quality amongst students, parents, competitors, school owners, and organizations alike. Often copied by other manufacturers', Macho's protective gear is proven through rigorous independent laboratory testing for blunt force trauma protection - a practice initiated and continued only by Macho.

In addition to Macho's formal and independant lab tests, products are punched thousands of times, kicked repeatedly and put through crash tests - and punched again. A long-standing tradition in the research process is listening to people whose high standards matter the most: martial artists. Macho asks for feedback, carefully listens and responds in the next generation of product development. Macho also uses focus groups to field test developing products and gauge their effectiveness and appeal.

Any martial arts product that features the Macho name has been designed and tested for the highest quality materials we can find.