Reevo R9 Gauntlet Hybrid Training Glove

Reevo R9 Gauntlet Hybrid Training

Extra-padded, ultralight, premium leather gloves. designed for full contact. Perfect for MMA training, karate sparring or bag and pad training.The Reevo Hybrid is the real solution to realistic training. Train to your full potential with extra-padded, ultralight, premium leather gloves designed for full contact. The extra absorbent padding keeps your hands safe and fresh. Open palm design and comfortable finger straps make punching all day a reality. No need to pull punches and you can strike harder without hurting your training partner.

  • Super comfortable and made of high quality, beautifully grained premium leather.
  • Specially designed finger holds keep fingers secure and comfortable€¨.
  • Totally open palm allows for easy and secure grabs€¨. 
  • Pre-curved padding puts less strain on your hand and wrist when fighting.
  • Double secure wrist wrapping forms more support and harder strikes€¨.
  • Sleek striking surface provides ultimate protection without the bulk of inferior designs.



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