Hans Wikkeling: Forms Training Sessions

Hans Wikkeling: Forms Training Sessions

Level – Beginner to Advanced

Hyper Pro Hans Wikkeling is hands down one of the coolest martial artists out there. With a vibe and style all his own, Hans teaches you what it takes to raise your martial arts skills to a whole other level.

Kickin' It

Have fun learning about each Hyper Pro. In this interview they tell you about their hobbies, how they train and what motivates them to be their best. The Pro’s take a break during the interview to show you a few of their favorite techniques.

Training Sessions

During the training sessions you will learn high level kicks, tricks and combinations to help you excel to a high level. The kicks and combinations are broken down in steps, shown in slow motion and are very detailed giving you the opportunity to understand how to perform them at a championship level.

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